Rug cleaning in Hollingbury

Rug cleaning in Hollingbury has been a regular entry in our diary since 1989.

Hollingbury sits high on a hill north of Brighton city centre fairly close to Patcham.

Hollingbury residents have seen the benefits of rug ownership for many years.

With hard flooring becoming increasingly popular over the years the softness of a good quality rug underfoot is a welcome feature in your home.

Rugs also deliver colour and texture to your home.

colourful rug
Rugs bring colour and texture to your home.

If you look after your rug with regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning it can last a lifetime.

Professional rug cleaning in Hollingbury

There’s a lot more to professionally cleaning a rug than meets the eye.

Often someone cleaning carpets will offer to ‘run over’ a rug whilst they are there.

Think twice about this. Rugs will contain large quantities of dust, soil, skin cells, fuel dust, hair, body oils and much more.

Without proper dry soil removal the contents at the base of your rug fibres will turn to mud after cleaning.

The water used in the process will dry and then soils will simply solidify when dry.

We purchased our commercial premises many years ago with the sole purpose of being able to offer correct rug cleaning.

We have a cleaning workshop that is fully equipped. Rug dusting / beating is one of the first parts of our process.

After getting dry soil out, the rug has solution deeply agitated into the fibres using an agitation machine.

Machines like a TM3 & TM4 are used to great effect. They not only brush solutions in, but will pull huge quantities out.

Carpet preperation
Hair removal from rugs and carpets

Above shows the amount of hair & fluff removed from a rug that was only 2 x 1.5 metres in size!

The effect of this build up can affect the freshness / indoor air quality of the room it occupies.

Quality rug cleaning will actually extend your rugs life. The build up of debris in the fibres of your rug will have an abrasive action when walked on.

Don’t forget that our rug cleaning solutions are Toxin Free!

Did you know that we offer first class carpet cleaning in your home using ECO friendly solutions?

Get in touch

Rest assured that we know exactly what we are doing as we are national carpet cleaners association members.

This means that we are actually qualified in the services that we offer.

Many companies are not. We have passed examinations and sat courses to gain essential knowledge to enable us to do a proper job.

Why not call us on Brighton 634177 We can discuss your requirements and give you an idea of cost to clean your rug.

This includes collection and re delivery.

Our website has a confidential and easy to use quotation page. Simply add information and contact details and details of your rug, we will return a quotation on the same day.

Text us – text ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 along with information about your rug. We will return a quotation on the same day.

Please note, ‘monster rugs’ (that wont fit in our vehicle) will be cleaned at your home using our advanced home clean process.

Our sofa cleaning services in Hollingbury are extremely popular. With drying times as little as two hours.

Our products are non re soiling and ECO Friendly and important consideration now.

We also visit neighbouring FalmerStanmer Withdean & West Hove

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