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About our rug cleaning in Brighton & Hove service.

Rug Cleaning in Brighton is one the busiest and rewarding services that we provide.

We have been professionally rug cleaning in Brighton & Hove area for over 25 years.

colourful rug

There are many different types & styles of rugs. We can clean them all.

  • Kilim
  • Cotton rugs
  • Pure Wool
  • Silk rugs
  • Nylon
  • Olefin
  • Jute
  • Seagrass
  • Silsal
  • Viscose
  • Polyester
  • Oriental

There are many types and styles of rugs that differ in construction & weaving techniques.

If rugs are cleaned using the correct methods the results can be outstanding.

Colours return to their original rich and vibrant appearance.

With no added synthetic smell, bleaching agents or soaps.

When rug cleaning in Brighton people are often pleased that we are not using toxic or aggressive solutions, particularly when they see our results!

If rugs are regularly vacuumed and cleaned periodically the indoor air quality in your property will improve, along with the appearance of your rug.

Preparation is vitally important, with little or no agitation before cleaning results will be poor.

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Rug cleaning in Brighton just got better – naturally.

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Rug cleaning in Brighton & Hove – offsite

Avoid cleaning rugs in your home, a quick run over will remove a small proportion of soiling / staining when compared to offsite rug cleaning.

Our fully equipped workshop enables detailed rug cleaning along with rug dusting & beating.

We even have our very own drying room that thoroughly removes any moisture remaining in the fibres.

Specialist products allow us to clean rug fringes too. Often a service overlooked by many companies.

Rugs can suffer from colour bleed or browning if the correct tests are ignored.

Over time rugs will start to look a little dull.

This is usually because of dust, skin cells, soiling, sand and other particles that find their way into the rug fibres.

Our rug agitation process ensures that solutions are correctly brushed deep into the fibres. This delivers a better result.

Colours are enriched and bold after a rug has been cleaned with our system.

If you are considering rug cleaning in Brighton then think of us.

The national carpet cleaners association

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We are National Carpet Cleaners Association members, qualified and approved by Trading Standards.

We  have attended courses and passed examinations relating to rug cleaning and fibre identification.

This enables us to safely clean your rug. Identifying the correct process and solutions to deliver the best possible results.

Removing harmful dirt and dust from rugs will prolong rug life too.

Sand, grit, salt and general debris found at the base of rug fibres will cause premature wearing.

This will cause an abrasive action each and every time someone walks on your rug.

Vacuum your rug regularly too, we suggest using an upright machine with a good beater bar action.

Rug beating is a great idea too ~ had a stressful day at the office?

Hang your rug over the washing line, find an old cricket bat and beat the living daylights our of your rug!

Five minutes will see your rug releasing deep down soils and you feeling a lot better!

On a warm & sunny day take your rug outside. Exposure to the sun will kill off dust mites, good news if you suffer with allergies.

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Rug cleaning in Brighton & Hove – Sussex.

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We also clean soft furnishings in your home as well, all toxin free too!

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P.S We also regularly clean fitted carpets in customers homes.

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