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We are the carpet cleaning in Brighton and Hove experts

Carpet cleaning in Brighton & Hove has been a regular entry in our diary for more than thirty years.

Our services are used by domestic and commercial clients. We love working in Brighton, its a vibrant a friendly city.

From wool, wool mixes to synthetic fibres, our process will remove maximum quantities of soil from your carpet.

A deep pre vacuum is always the first part of our carpet cleaning in Brighton,  cleaning process.
Removing dry soils is imperative before any stain treatments or cleaning take place.

We use SEBO vacuum cleaners which not only beat your carpet and rugs but also produce excellent airflow and suction for maximum soil removal.

Stain treatments and products

Stain treatments follow, our detailed knowledge relating to stain removal will increase the chances of us removing an unsightly stain from your carpet or rug.

This is followed by a micro splitting pre-spray which is evenly applied over the entire area of your carpet, this solution in ECO friendly too!

A counter-rotating brush machine then works the solution deep into the carpet fibres.

The non toxic nano technology product shatters the bond that grease, spillages and general dirt has with your carpet fibres.

Leaving your carpet ready for the cleaning & rinsing process.

Carpet cleaning in Brighton – rinsing process

When rinsing with our Jaguar system pure water is used to encapsulate and remove soils and staining from the fibres.

This system is very effective and will leave carpet fibres residue free and  dry within two hours.

We test furniture feet and protect your carpet with polystyrene tabs or protective plastic squares.

This avoids wood staining or rust marks on your carpets.

As with many other trades, always look out for trade qualifications and certification.

We are fully qualified through the national carpet cleaner association

Attending courses and passing written examinations relating to our professional home cleaning services.

This means that we know exactly what we are doing when we arrive to clean the carpets in your home.

We are carpet cleaning in Brighton with confidence using our toxin free solutions.

10 interesting facts about carpet and rugs in your home.

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We don’t just clean carpets at home. If you work in a shop, showroom, office, nursing home or hotel we can provide a specialist carpet cleaning service.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services are a great solution for keeping your work carpets clean.

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Carpet cleaning services for the people of Brighton & Hove – Sussex.

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Don’t forget that we also offer sofa and rug cleaning in the Brighton and Hove area.

Scrub- Natural carpet care – raising the standards.

All areas covered in Brighton & Hove

If you are considering carpet cleaning in Brighton hen call us on Brighton 634177.

Speak to a qualified & experienced carpet cleaning professional (not a call processor in an office!)

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have relating to carpet cleaning in Brighton.

If its easier to text us for a quotation that’s fine too. Text ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 followed by your specified areas that require deep cleaning.

We will return a text with an inclusive quotation on the same day.

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