Rug cleaning in Withdean

Rug cleaning in Withdean is a service regularly supplied throughout the year.

Withdean comes from it original area name of Wictedene which was originally farmland.

In the 1920’s & 1930’s the land was given to development. With terraced houses and flats being built.

The Withdean Stadium is located in the area. Originally a zoo and once home for Brighton & Hove Albion FC.

Many homes in the area have rugs, we are on call with our rug cleaning service as many have dogs too!

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Rug cleaning in Withdean – Why us?

A good quality rug is a sizable investment these days, if correctly looked after it will last a lifetime.

There are many different rug styles, types and colours. Rugs can light up any room and add warmth and texture.

Over the months rugs can become dust collectors. Regular vacuuming helps but every year a professional clean is recommended.

Offsite rug cleaning is the most thorough and efficient way to remove the most debris from your rug.

Some companies want to quickly run over your rug in your home.

The problem is that dust, skin, hairs, sand, soil and much more in the fibre bases will turn to solid mud when moisture is added.

Part of our process in our commercial property is to rug dust / beat your rug before any cleaning takes place.

We can’t do this in your home as dust levels are extremely high when we are working.

Our service involves collecting and returning your rug, clean and dry. Ready for use in your home.

Rug cleaning in Withdean customers like the convenience of this service as well as seeing big improvements in cleaning levels.

As well as our rug cleaning services we also offer fitted carpet cleaning in your home.

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A freshly cleaned rug in our workshop

Our products are remarkably effective and also toxin free. An important aspect of our business.

When thinking about rug cleaning in Withdean make sure any rugs cleaned are not being left with a high toxin value.

Do we know what we are doing?

This is important. There are many companies offering services that sound like ours, but are they qualified?

We are national carpet cleaners association members and have been in the business for over 30 years.

To become a member courses are attended and examinations passed. Only then are you invited to become a member.

If anyone offers to clean your rug just ask them for their membership number.

Did you know – standard liability insurance will not cover specialist rug cleaning services.

Only full treatments risk does this. We have to submit our insurance documents to the association every year.

Get a quotation

Our website has a confidential and secure quotation form. Simply send us the rug details and size, we will return a quotation on the same day.

Call us on Brighton 634177. We are very happy to discuss your rug and give you an idea of cost over the phone.

Text us. Send a text starting ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 along with your rug details, we will return a speedy quotation.

We visit all areas located in and around Brighton & Hove for rug, carpet, mattress and sofa cleaning service (all non toxic)

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Read more about our specialist sofa cleaning services. Deep down cleaning with drying times as little as two hours.

Delivering professional home cleaning services throughout Brighton & Hove with effective ECO friendly baby safe products.

Covering all Brighton & Hove areas & postcodes – BN2 – BN1 – BN3

Find out more about your rug design & construction, learn about different looms and techniques that shaped your rug!