Rug cleaning in Seven Dials- Brighton

We have been rug cleaning in Seven Dials in Brighton for over twenty five years.

The seven dials area is a ‘stones throw’ away from Brighton station and has a thriving community with lots of individual local shops.

The name originally came the seven roads that meet at the roundabout in the area.

The area has many Victorian villas and terraced houses developed shortly after the London & Brighton line opened in 1841.

The Victorians loved escaping the capital to enjoy the delights that Brighton had to offer.

Many homes in the Seven Dials area have hardwood flooring in keeping with the original developers specifications.

Hard flooring is a lovely option but a colourful textured rug will add character and warmth in the winter months.

There are many different types of rugs available. A good quality rug will be a substantial investment, so why not look after it?

Regular rug cleaning in Seven Dials could increase the life expectancy of your rug considerably.

Maintaining its beautiful colours and feel.

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Rug cleaning in Seven Dials – why us?

Rugs will last a lifetime if they are cared for. Regular vacuuming with an upright cleaner such as a SEBO BS 36 will remove harmful soils.

Rugs are dust magnets. In a short period of time a collection of skin cells, dust, sand, allergens, soil and much more will build up in the fibres.

If left these contents can have an abrasive action on the fibres.

We often hear of companies offering to ‘whizz over’ customers rugs. Did you know this can actually reduce a rugs life expectancy?

Basic chemicals (detergent based) are often used. These will coat rug fibres with a stick residue once dry, actually attracting dust and soil.

The sand and soil if not removed before cleaning with turn to mud as soon as water is added. This is why we have a fully equipped workshop.

Rug cleaning in Seven Dials with professionalism and knowledge, working for a better result.

We do not get involved with a ‘race to the bottom’ with our services.

white rug
Freshly cleaned rug in our workshop

Rug dusting / beating takes place here. When we are satisfied that rugs are dust free we start our product application & agitation / rinsing process.

Rugs are cleaned and conditioned and hung in our drying room.

After inspection they are returned. Owners are often shocked at the colour change and feel of their rugs.

Did you know that our solutions are incredibly effective and importantly toxin free.

People considering rug cleaning in Seven Dials love the ECO friendly aspect of our rug cleaning.

Why choose us to clean your rug?

Firstly, we are probably the most experienced and best qualified rug cleaning company in the Brighton area.

Unlike most companies we are fully qualified. There are basic training schemes offered in the UK but its not a recognised qualification.

We are national carpet cleaners association members this means that we have attended courses and passed examinations to become members.

This means that we are fully certified and qualified. Would you use a non qualified pilot, plumber or electrician ? We think we know your answer.

So why use a non qualified cleaning company to clean your much loved rug?

There are so many rug types and styles. Using the wrong cleaning method or products could be a big mistake.

Make sure any rug cleaning in Seven Dials that you commission is backed by the correct insurance and trade qualifications.

NCCA logo
We are qualified and certified.

Work our the costs to replace your rugs, it may surprise you.

Have you ever thought about how your rug was made or where it came from? Learn a little more about rugs.

Get in touch – give your rug some love.

Call us. We can be reached on Brighton 634177 we are happy to answer questions relating to any aspect of our services and give you a quotation.

The contact us page on our site if a confidential and easy way to gain a quotation. we will send you a fully inclusive quotation on the same day.

colourful rug during cleaning
Rug cleaning.

How about a text quotation? Simply text ‘rug quote’ to 07802 177435 along with a picture or details of your rug.

We will text an inclusive quotation back for cleaning – usually within two hours.

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