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Portslade carpet & sofa cleaning

Portslade carpet & sofa cleaning with toxin free, effective solutions.

If you live in Portslade and like to look after your home, our family carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning company may be of interest to you.

We have been looking after clients in Portslade since 1986. Delivering the very best levels of service when rug cleaning.

In 2004/5 we embraced the new ECO friendly cleaning solutions that were being developed.

Nano technology – non toxic solutions had been developed. More effective than aggressive acid and alkali products that had been used for many years.

part cleaned rug

Before and after rug cleaning

Carpet & upholstery cleaning process.

People are often concerned about drying times. Some clients have even said that with previous companies its taken up to 2 days for carpets and upholstery to dry!

Investment in the latest equipment delivers fast drying times along with maximum soil / stain removal.

We are always looking for upgrades or new systems that make our service even better!

Its important to raise standards, we will never race to the bottom, quality counts !

Our Portslade carpet & sofa cleaning customers appreciate quality rather than a speedy ‘run over’.

Read about some surprising carpet / carpet cleaning facts !

carpet cleaning machine

Before agitation an important part of our process is to thoroughly vacuum using a SEBO BS 36 vacuum cleaner.

This will remove dry soil deposits before cleaning product application takes pla

The machine above is a TM4 agitation machine. Its job is to brush solutions into the carpet fibres. It also brushes out a large quantity of human hair / clothes fibres and much more!

Rug, sofa and carpet preparation is key, this can often take more time than cleaning!

Carpet in the image above above had already been vacuumed too. With any service, if the correct preparation has been executed then results will be good.

Also the indoor air quality will dramatically improve after soft furnishings, rugs and carpets that have been cleaned. Debris like skin cells and fuel dust build up in the fibres.

Portslade carpet & sofa cleaning clients have genuinely contacted us after we have worked for them.

Explaining that people in their homes with asthma had been breathing more easily and using inhalers less frequently.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet & upholstery cleaning – qualifications.

Its all very well us telling you about our wonderful services but do we know what we are doing?

Replacement carpet, rugs and sofas will cost a small fortune. Allowing a non qualified operator could be a big mistake. Especially if they have basic third party liability insurance!

If you are a Portslade carpet & sofa cleaning client, knowing that we are fully qualified and insured is a reassuring thought.

NCCA logo

Did you know the National Carpet Cleaners Assocoiation offer the only recognised qualification in our industry. After courses have been attended and examinations passed you can then become a full member.

Get in contact with us for a free quotation for carpet cleaning, rug and sofa cleaning.

You can ue our ‘get a quotation’ page to get a speedy estimate, simply fill in your details and requirements and click send. We will be in touch with a quotation on the same day.

How about a text quotation ? simply text ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 include your requirements and we will be back with a quotation in a flash.

Call us on Brighton 634177 and speak to an experienced and qualified technician. We are happy to answer any questions and offer advice.

We look forward to being of service to you!

Did you know that we are professional commercial carpet cleaning technicians?

Don’t forget we clean mattresses too. If your mattress hasn’t been cleaned for over a year take a look at our mattress cleaning page.

We also have many genuine customer comments relating to all parts of our business, its important to seek out client feedback.

Toxin free pioneers. Spreading the word about safe carpet, rug and sofa cleaning throughout Sussex.

We clean carpets, rugs and sofas in all local villages and areas in and around Brighton & Hove

All BN1 – BN2 – BN3 postcodes in Brighton & Hove covered.

Cleaning logo

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