Kemptown carpet & sofa cleaning

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We work in Brighton city centre regularly, delivering toxin free services to people living in the city centre as well as the surrounding areas including Kemptown.

People are well read these days and understand that using toxic & aggressive chemicals are simply not required when considering carpet, rug and sofa cleaning.

In fact in recent months we have been called in several times to remove synthetic chemical odours left behind.

Over time your upholstery will gradually become grubby. From newsprint to body oils and beverage staining.

Carpet Cleaning

Kemptown carpet cleaning – drying times

Using old or inefficient equipment will often leave carpet and upholstery too wet, this can cause mould and a musty odour.

Our equipment is the very latest available with impressive (CFM) water lift. Ensuring that maximum amounts of soiling and staining can be removed.

Specific staining is treated before cleaning. A dwell time is allowed before extraction takes place.

After cleaning, carpet and soft furnishing fibres are left residue free. With no soil attracting products in the fibres items should stay clean for a long time.

Regular deep down carpet cleaning will prolong the life of your carpet by up to 6 x!

Kemptown carpet cleaning – do we know what we are doing?

There are many companies in the Brighton and Hove area, but are they going to be learning at your expense?

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Being members of The National Carpet Cleaners Association means that we are fully qualified. The only recognised qualification in our industry. Ask the company quoting for carpet and sofa cleaning to supply their membership number, if they are not members ask why.

Take five minutes to work out the replacement costs of carpet, rugs and upholstery in your home.

Carpet cleaning in Kemptown – easy quotations.

We like to make things easy here at Scrub. Here are a few ways to achieve a quotation.

If you visit our submission page and fill in your details and requirements we will be back in touch on the same day with an inclusive quotation.

Text quotes – simply text quote to 07802 177435 followed by your requirements. We will deliver a fully inclusive quotation back to you on the same day.

If you need some advice or would simply like to chat to a qualified technician you can call us on Brighton 634177.

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Passionate about cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstery the safe way.

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We cleaning rugs, carpets, mattresses and carpets in all local areas in and around the Brighton & Hove area.

All BN1 – BN2 – BN3 areas in Brighton & Hove.

Did you know that we offer an eco mattress cleaning service too? Our system sanitizes and cleans you mattress. Dealing with dust mites and proteins found in dust mite excrement.

Why not read some of our genuine testimonials see what customers think of our service. Its so important to view comments from other customers.

Visit our submission page for easy quotations, simply fill in your requirements and click submit.

Scrub – natural carpet care. The ECO carpet, rug and couch cleaning pioneers.

We look forward to meeting you.