Carpet cleaning in Pyecombe

Carpet cleaning in Pyecombe customers have been using our services since 1996.

Pyecombe sits around 7 miles north of Brighton and within the South Downs National Park.

The London to Brighton Roman road cuts through the village that was divided in the 1700’s because of the black death plague.

Its beautiful country views and good road links to the coast and up to London make it a sought after place to live.

It has the neighbouring villages of Clayton and Poynings nearby.

Carpet cleaning in Pyecombe customers have often recommended us to friends and family in and around the Pyecombe area.

Carpet cleaning in Pyecombe – why make us your first choice?

Its easy to find companies that offer services that sound like ours, so why choose us?

Many websites claim their staff have full training, that’s all well and good, but did you know that we are fully qualified.

Certified carpet, rug and sofa cleaning in Pyecombe
Certified carpet cleaning in Pyecombe

The national carpet cleaners association provide unmatched comprehensive carpet, rug and sofa cleaning training.

After course attendance written examinations are sat, only when examiners are satisfied with your knowledge levels are you invited to become a member.

Carpet cleaning in Pyecombe customers are very reassured by this. They know that we will not be learning at their expense.

After all, you wouldn’t willingly employ a non qualified electrician or plumber, so why consider a non qualified carpet and sofa cleaning tech?

Did you know that as well as being incredibly effective our products are baby safe and toxin free.

We deliver premium carpet cleaning in Pyecombe, offering polite and friendly services with the very latest high airflow cleaning equipment.

High performance extractor used in Pyecombe
Ultra high airflow cleaning extractor

How we work in your home.

We will slip our overshoes on when we arrive with you and inspect the areas / items that we are cleaning.

This enables the optimum cleaning method and solutions to be selcted for the best cleaning results.

We will firstly vacuum the areas we are cleaning with our SEBO BS36 vacuum cleaner

Dry soil, skin, sand, dust and debris can be removed before any cleaning / preparation takes place.

Our cleaning solutions are then applied directly to the fibres and agitated using a professional carpet / rug agitator.

carpet cleaning agitation machine used in Pyecombe
Hair removed using our agitator after vacuuming!

The ball of hair shown above was removed from just one clean looking, average sized room!

Bargain / discount carpet cleaning companies often skip this step as its time consuming and professional agitators cost over £ 2500!

Carpet cleaning in Pyecombe customers fully appreciate our multi stage cleaning process as results are deeper.

One of our cleaning machines / extractors will then be used to rinse / clean fibres.

Before we depart we will leave you with some overshoes to use in case you need to walk on the areas we have cleaned for you.

Get a quotation / estimate

Our website has a confidential and easy to use quotation form. Simply add your cleaning requirements and details.

We will email back with an inclusive quotation for any of our professional cleaning services.

Speak to a qualified and experienced technician. Call us on Brighton 634177.

We can answer any questions or concerns that you may have relating to carpet, sofa or rug cleaning.

Arranging a day to visit and leave you with a quotation, or even giving you an idea of cost over the phone.

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