Carpet cleaning in Fulking

Our carpet cleaning in Fulking services have been regularly used since 1993.

Fulking lies north of Brighton & Hove sitting in the stunning Sussex countryside.

The village is a very popular residential location. Easy road and rain links to the coast and up to London make Fulking a perfect place to live.

Fulking has a close neighbour in Ditchling. If you take the time to climb up to the top of Ditchling Beacon you reward will be the most wonderful views over Sussex and beyond.

Carpet cleaning in Fulking is always a welcome entry in our diary!

Why choose our carpet cleaning in Fulking services?

An online search will deliver lots of companies offering services that sound like ours, so why call us?

One of the best reasons reasons is the we are actually qualified.

Certified carpet, rug and sofa cleaning in Fulking
Qualified carpet cleaning in Fulking

The national carpet cleaners association offer the very best levels of training in the carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning industry.

Courses are attended with a written examination following. Only when examiners are happy with your knowledge are you invited to join the association.

Carpet cleaning in Fulking customers are extremely reassured by this. They know we are not learning at their expense.

Calculate the replacement costs of carpets, rugs and sofas in your home. You may be shocked!

After all, there are few people that will happily use a non qualified plumber, electrician or carpenter, so why use a non qualified technician?

Natural carpet care company van
Company van

How we work – professional cleaning in your home

On arrival we will inspect the areas and items that we will be cleaning.

We will then select the most appropriate and effective method and products to use. Ensuring the very best result is achieved.

We will then use one of our SEBO BS36 vacuum cleaners to remove maximum dry soil levels before any cleaning takes places.

Our toxin free solutions will be evenly applied to the fibres before thorough preparation takes place using on of our professional carpet / rug agitation machines.

carpet cleaning agitation machine

Carpet cleaning in Fulking clients are genuinely shocked when they see the quantity of hairs, fluff, dust and debris that our preparation removes.

After specific stain treatments we then set up one of our ultra high performance extractors / cleaning systems.

Supply and vacuum hoses will be connected to our cleaning wand. We then carefully clean our way out of your home.

High performance extractor
High performance cleaning extractor

Because we don’t us soaps or detergents in our process your carpet fibres will stay clean for a long time. (detergents leave sticky residues that attract dirt and dust)

Our process takes time. We are not in a race to get out of your home. When we are cleaning in your home we take time to deliver the best cleaning results possible.

We are always busy carpet cleaning in homes, but we also offer premium sofa & upholstery cleaning services.

Our services are highly rated and reviewed by our customers.

Get a quotation – contact us.

Speak to a human! Call us on Brighton 634177 and talk to a qualified and experienced technician.

We can answer any questions or concerns that you may have concerning carpet, sofa and rug cleaning.

Over the phone quotations and appointments for cleaning inspections can be given.

Our website has an easy to navigate contact / quotation page. Simply add your details and requirements and hit send. We will be in touch on the same day.

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Some interesting facts about carpet / carpet cleaning that you may never have realised

Delivering better carpet, rug and sofa cleaning in Fulking and also the local villages of Poynings & Clayton