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Ditchling carpet & rug cleaning.

Our Ditchling carpet & rug cleaning services have been used by the residents in this area since 1989.

We love coming to Ditchling. Nestling in stunning Sussex countryside Ditchling offers some of the best views of the county.

Ditchling Beacon is a family favourite. For walks in the wonderful countryside, appreciating wildlife and views as you go.

Dogs lovers are often found in this area. If I was a dog, living near Ditchling would certainly be top of my list of priorities!

We find that often the outside tends to find its way into your home in the Ditchling area. With a little help from dogs and cats!

Ditchling carpet & rug cleaning customers will often link soil ingress to their pets!

shaggy dog - Ditchling
Debris gets trapped in pet fur and carried in to our homes

Ditchling carpet & rug cleaning – why choose us?

An online search will return lots of people offering services that sound like ours, so why consider us?

Regular rug and carpet cleaning is important – it maintains the hygiene of your home and dramatically improves your indoor air quality.

Here’s an important reason – we are fully qualified.

Fully qualified carpet, rug, mattress and sofa cleaning

The national carpet cleaners association require course attendance and examination passes before membership is invited.

Carpet cleaning techniques and fibre identification, dye bleed, rug cleaning methods and much more is fully covered.

When we work for our customers, its reassuring for them to know that we are not experimenting at their expense.

We have seen some carpet and rug cleaning disasters over the years, from shrinkage to colour merging and more.

Rug cleaning in Brighton and the surrounding area is a busy part of our working life.

Rug cleaning
A freshly cleaned rug in our workshop

If you have five minutes work out the replacement costs of soft furnishings, rugs and carpets in your home, it may be a shock!

All important carpet & rug preparation is often overlooked by some companies.. This is a big mistake as the end result will always suffer.

Would you like a free no obligation quotation?

If you are considering our Ditchling carpet & rug cleaning services we can offer easy ways to achieve a quotation.

Our online quotation form is a confidential and easy way to gain a quotation for any of our professional home cleaning services.

Simply fill in your cleaning requirements and click send. We will be in touch on the same day with an inclusive quotation.

Call us on Brighton 634177. You can speak to a qualified and experienced technician. We are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

A verbal quotation can be given or an appointment for a visit to your home to survey your carpet, sofa or rug.

Many people are using our text quote option. Simply text ‘quote’ to 07802 177435 followed by your cleaning specification. We will return a quotation on the same day.

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Carpet cleaning – rug and sofa cleaning in Brighton & Hove and all villages in the local area.

Scrub – Natural carpet care. Naturally.

PS – We also deliver safe and effective carpet cleaning services for your office / workplace.